Colouring Competitions

From time to time we offer colouring competitions for the kids to enter.  These will be displayed on our website and our facebook page.  The winner of the competitions will be the one with the most likes on our Facebook Page  ( Nature 4 You  )

Woolongong Reptile Expo, August 2018

Winner will be announced September 15th to allow time for everyone to get their entries in.  Good luck everyone!

Sienna Garvey,

Aged 8.

Toby, aged 8

Competition Winners of various competitions over the years.

We ran a giveaway in 2017 offering the winner a choice of either a baby Cunningham lizard or Blue-tongued Lizard. Dylan Wood was the winner and picked the Cunningham (Pic on right is the pic Dylan sent to us after he picked the lizard up.) Then we decided to do another draw and offer the Blue-tongue up.

We offered a giveaway in 2018 to celebrate the release of the Dangerous Creatures of Australia book and the Frogs of Australia book. Cade Morrison was the winner of this giveaway.

We had a giveaway in October- November to celebrate the Snakes of Australia book release.

Kaylie Walton was the winner of this giveaway.

We offer a giveaway of the month - tag Nature 4 You on Social Media with your purchase.  Josh Fastuca was one winner with his Bredli shirt purchase and James Bindoff was another winner with his book purchase.

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