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Our products are loved by our customers.  Here are just a few of our customers who wanted to share with us how much they loved our ranges. 

Thanks everyone, we love seeing you in our gear and using our products.

We welcome you all to send in your pics and we will put them up.

A Naturalist's guide to the Dangerous Creatures of Australia, Scott Eipper, Nature 4 You, austalian author, book

Addison looking forward to digging into the Dangerous Creatures book that was done with Peter Rowland.

Wildlife clothing, goanna, reptile shirt, reptile photography, reptile giftware

Nic in the shirt he pinched off Nathan!

Red Belly, Nature For You, reptile clothing, venomous snake, snake shirt, reptile photos

Jim loving the Red Belly shirt - it was our first order to China.

Sand Goanna, flavi, monitor, lizard, reptile, Nature For You

M.J. happily wearing her birthday present!

Emerald Tree Monitor, goanna, lizard, reptile clothing, wildlife apparel, Nature For You
emerald tree monitor, reptile christmas shirt, wildlife apparel, reptile merchandise, clothing, Nature For You
cotton tea towel, reptile giftware, snake, python Nature For You

The perk of owning the business is having to try them all before selling them.  Scott in two of his favorite shirts.

Natasha tells us "This is the only time I have ever been happy when my husband has given me a cleaning apparatus as a present (and the tea towel is draped over dishes as a prop effect)"

mag aliesha
diamond aliesha
bnw jungle aliesha

Alessha absolutely rocking her shirts!  And the hair, I love her hair!


John sent us these pics with "I have a Blue Tongue, 4 Green Tree Frogs, a Jungle and a pair of Knob Tails and I told Mum that I wanted some reptile clothes for my birthday.  I hate having my picture taken but LOVE your clothes.  I'm telling Mum I want more clothes for Christmas, I've already picked out the ones I want.  Expect more photos after Christmas."   

reptile, reptile giftware, ceramic coffee cup, mug, goanna, lizard, Nature For You

Chris sent this pic in with "I told my wife I wanted a Perentie.

Not quite what I meant, but it's a start I guess!  I use it every

morning, its my favorite mug."

emerald Tree Monitor, Christmas Shirt, reptile clothing, goanna, shirt, xmas, Christmas, Natur For You, reptile lover

Ros from Gladstone Printing getting in the Christmas spirit!  We can't recommend these guys high enough.  For your own printing needs click on the photo to get the link.

children's python, reptile clothing, snake shirt, Nature For  You

Jaz loves her Children's python shirt.

Crocodile, Red-Bellied Black Snake, wildlife apparel, kindy bag, library bag, Nature For You

The boys from WILD with their library bags.  Click on the photo to go to WILD's facebook page.

goanna, australian lizards, reptile clothing, australian podcast, reptile podcast, animal clothing
Nature For You, reptile clothing, goanna shirt, monitor lizard, australian goannas
Pilbara Death Adder, ceramic mug, reptile giftware, coffee cup, Nature For You

Janne is a big supporter of ours.  He's a busy lad - he owns Snake Out Brisbane - hes a licensed snake catcher on the north side and also educates the public via his podcast Wildlife Cakes and Cocktails - click on the photos for links.

Lace Monitor, coffee cup, ceramic mug, reptile giftware, reptile mug, Nature For You

Gayle wrote to us with these pics -

- I love your native wildlife and on a recent visit to your country I bought one of your Lace Monitor mugs.  I use it every morning for my morning cup of tea.  Not only do I love the mug, I love the memories it brings back from my visit.  Thank you Nature 4 You.

lace monitor, reptile mug, ceramic coffee mug, Natue For You
Green Tree Python, australian green tree python, snake, snake shirt, australian python, Nature For You

Jim looking the goods in his Green Tree Python shirt his better half got for him!

Nature For You, dog shirt, pug shirt, animal, animal photography
Red Bellied Black Snake, Venomous snake, snake shirt, Nature For You, wildlife apparel, reptile clothing

James wrote "I might be in hospital again but at least I'm looking good thanks to Nature 4 You"

John's photo is a great one - John bought this shirt to support a great organization raising awareness for dogs.  We donated the shirt to help Cause for Paws with the cost of the stickers they use as advertising.  Please click on the link to go to their Facebook page.

green tree python, australian python, snake shirt, wildlife apparel, Nature ForYou

Josh spent the day doing his favorite thing - handling reptiles.  He was at a demo and writes  "I was wearing one of my Nature 4 You shirts. Love these shirts, I also have the BHP, Emerald Tree Monitor, Shingleback and Cann's Turtle."  Click on the photo of Josh and it will take you to his You Tube Channel.

Nature For You, Collett's Snake, snake shirt, venomou snake
Nature For You, jungle python, reptile clothing, snake shirt, python, Black and White Jungle python, Australian Python, reptile photography
Cunningham Skink, lizard shirt, reptile clothing, wildlife apparel, Nature For You

Johnny in his purchases.  Thank you Johnny!

Nature For You, natural dog soap
Nature For You, reptile clothing, bearded dragon shirt, mulga snake shirt

Lyle and his lovely family from Ambush Snake Catchers.  Ambush is one of the snake catchers we work with.  Click on the image to go to their Facebook page.

Archie can't wait for bath time anymore! He's the boss and love love loves his new soap! Thank you Nature 4 You!


How adorable are Toby and Lucy?!!

Toby's mum Zoe sent us in these pics and we love them!  Toby is a young man going places - he fundraised over $1700 for Currumbin Wildlife Scantuary - epic effort Toby!

Jackson's Mum sent us in this pic with the following "Jackson thinks the shirt is amazing he won't take it off at bedtime!  Thanks Karina and Jackson, glad you love the shirt!

northern blue tongue, bag, kindy bag, library bag, reptile apparel, Nature For You

Byron looking pretty stoked with his new kindy bag. 

Nature For You, candle, soy melt, paw print melt

 Bryanna said she absolutely loved our melts and won't buy  anywhere else now!

Nature For You, soy melt, candle,
Sand Goanna, Reptile clothing, monitor lizard, reptile giftware, Nature For You

Another Sandy shirt

           Send us a photo of you with you and your order!

Or just email it to  with your name and your business link if you would like it added to your photo.

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