We like to help the animals where possible, there are so many awesome organizations out there doing awesome work, here are a few that aren't quite in the public eye as much as the others.  We donate money from the sale of these lines to the organization and put our customer's name on the donation.  Due to circumstances beyond our control our apparel for the time being is no longer being offered.  We will bring you new lines in the new year.

The Sleepy Lizard Project.

The Sleepy Lizard Project is a fundraising project that we are very excited and proud to be able to bring to you. 

Thanks to the late Professor Mike Bull, the driving force behind a 35 year sleepy lizard study, we know that sleepy lizards live for 50 years in the wild; that they display an incredible system of perennial monogamy, coming together in an elaborate annual, slow-motion dance. We know they have long-term friends and foes and a complex social network. And we know that they grieve.

With Professor Bull’s sudden passing in April 2017, the longest-running lizard survey in the southern hemisphere, which costs between $50 000 - $100,000 each year, is in jeopardy and must rely on the generous support of the community and those committed to conservation. Your donation to continue this valuable long term survey will support Associate Professor Mike Gardner, a colleague and former student of Professor Bull’s, who has committed to continuing the survey.

Shingleback images supplied by the Sleepy Lizard Project. 

These are just some of the many Shinglebacks they have been monitoring over the years.

The Sleepy Lizard Fundraiser is still in the pipeline, we hope to be able to bring them to you very, very shortly. 


Yes this image is confronting.

But this is why RARR needs your help.

Please hit the contact button to help if you would like to get in touch with the people from RARR

We regret our shirts are no longer available, but thank all those that donated to RARR, they really appreciated the donations. 

We are pleased to be able to offer very shortly tote bags and mugs for the fundraising efforts for RARR.  $5 from each tote bag and mug will be donated to RARR.  Stay tuned to find out when we are able to release them. is Todd's You Tube channel.  Please jump on and follow him.

Todd wearing one of the Rattlesnake Shirts!

One of Todd's videos from his You Tube account.  This roundup is not one of the more confronting round ups.


This Round up is exactly what RARR is up against and would like to spread the message that this isn't needed or right.  From the use of gassing the dens (when it is done to catch the snakes) to the barbaric practices that have/are used in some roundups.  This would not fly in Australia, so please help RARR out to get the message across that this is NOT right.

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