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Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia (Second Edition) by Michael J. Tyler & Frank Knight.


Unfortunately in much of the world,  our frog populations are dwindling,  many species are faced with becoming extinct.  Australia alone, has lost several species  in the last 35 years.
The second edition of Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia provides updated species accounts of all the known frogs found in Australia: 248 species within the five native frog families: Hylidae, Limnodynastidae, Microhylidae, Myobatrachidae and Ranidae.  The introduced species such as the Cane Toad and nine ‘stowaway’ species that have arrived in Australia have also been included. Each species account shares details of size, status, distribution, habitat, behaviour and call. The species are beautifully illustrated with full-colour paintings. Distribution maps are alongside each species. Closely related frogs are shown in matching poses so that comparisons can be easily seen. The introductory section of the book covers frog biology and habitats and includes notes on families and genera.

Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia (Second Edition)

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