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Scorpions of the World by Roland Stockman & Eric Ythier.


Over 350 scorpion species described and illustrated by biogeographical zone. Descriptions provide non-specialists with ways to recognise easily each species illustrated, along with notes on the toxicity, habitat, habits and distribution. Scorpion taxonomy and diversity are dealt with by the presentation of a taxonomic key to families and a description of genera. An exhaustive list of currently known species and their distribution is also featured. The book covers scorpion biology (anatomy and the main biological functions, ecology, habitat), as well as venomology and the medical importance of species across the globe (venoms and treatment against envenomation, scorpion control). The myths and legends linked to scorpions are also presented. Advice is given to those wishing to rear these animals in captivity.


Scorpions of the World

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  • Publication: Scorpions of the World by Roland Stockman & Eric Ythier.

    Series: Of the World.

    Published: NAP Editions, July 2020.

    Publication components: Hardcover, 572 pages containing text, colour photographs, illustrations, tables and distribution maps.

    Language: English.

    Dimensions: 20 x 13 x 3 cm.

    ISBN: 9782913688117


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