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Terralog 1, Turtles of the World, Europe, Africa and Western Asia by Holger Vetter.


The second edition of this volume of Terralog portrays all valid taxa of chelonians inhabiting Africa, Europe and western Asia. It ranges from the widely popular representatives of the genus Testudo, via marine and freshwater turtles, to the colourful tortoises of Africa. Aside from a representative photographic portrayal of every species, this volume also provides photographs detailing characteristics of carapace and plastron, mating, oviposition, hatching, and of course shows a selection of natural habitats, added to which are 61 full-colour distribution maps. Each photographic account is complemented by a symbol-based descriptive summary of the individual husbandry requirements of the respective species in human care. Containing 590 full-colour photographs (of which 370 are new as compared to the first edition) this volume is a unique photographic reference for both the scientist and terrarium enthusiast and at the same time a fascinating synopsis that makes every reader aware of the beauty of chelonians.

Terralog 1, Turtles of the World, Europe, Africa and Western Asia

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  • Publication: Terralog 1, Turtles of the World, Europe, Africa and Western Asia by Holger Vetter.

    Series: Terralog, Volume 1.

    Published: Chimaira, 2002. Reprinted 2011.

    Publication details: Hardcover, 152 pagees, colour photographs, distribution maps and keys. Text is in both English and German. 29.5 x 21 x 1.2cm.

    ISBN: 978-3-930612-27-7


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