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The Amphibians of Bhutan by Jigme Tshelthrim Wangyal.


This book provides illustrations of a total of 83 amphibian species found in Bhutan, including frogs, toads, salamander, and the obscure and enigmatic caecilians. The descriptions provide information about diversity, biology, and distributions.


The Amphibians of Bhutan

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  • Publication: The Amphibians of Bhutan by Jigme Tshelthrim Wangyal.


    Series: Chimaira Science Paperbacks, Volume 3.


    Published: Chimaira, August 2022.


    Publication details: Softcover, 199 pages containing text,  colour photos,  colour illustrations and colour maps.


    Language: English. 


    Dimensions: 21 x 15 x 1.5 cm. 


    ISBN 9783899731248


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