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Iguanas - Biology and Conservation by Alberts, Allison C. et al., editors.


This book commences with an introduction by noted Iguana biologist Dr. Gordon Burghardt that explores the state of Iguana research. It covers past, present, and future - with an emphasis on social behaviour. Three vital chapters follow, each one starting with a synthesis by the book editors, who survey the current status and likely future direction of investigations in the pertinent area. The first section concentrates on different charasterics of the taxonomic and morphological diversity of Iguanas, and it also includes a comphrensive checklist of species. The second section, contributors delve into the behaviour and ecology of Iguanas, and gives fascinating documentation that both may be far more involved than previously thought. The third component highlights the perils facing Iguana populations today, depicts the broad range of innovative conservation plans that may be required to help guarantee their survival. Iguanas - biology and conservation is illustrated throughout with photographs, distribution maps, tables, and figures. This book will be the authoritative resource for anyone interested in Iguanas.



Iguanas - Biology and Conservation

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