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Giving the boys a helping hand....

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One way to spur on the boys and get them ready for breeding season (ok I'll be honest they are usually a lot more into it than the girls!) is to get them to combat. In the wild males combat so the dominant and triumphant male has earned the right to breed with the female within the territory. Some people do this with their snakes, as it gets the hormones going and after being pumped after the fight the old saying kicks in "to the victor go the spoils"

We have just started our preparations for the breeding season. One way of getting the snakes to combat is to put two males together right before breeding season and if they both have mating on the mind they will combat (here is where i should add not all snakes combat, today we tried the Coastal Taipans and the Collett's). This can be quite stressful on the snakes (especially the runner up!) and in all honesty quite a risk for the keeper as separating two excited male taipans can end badly. We find the safest way is to introduce a slough from another male into the enclosure. (excuse the enclosure it was cleaned 15mins before the clip but every elapid keeper knows you clean and they poo instantly!)

The slough is from another male taipan, about a year younger. We will do that a few more times before we put him with the female. He wasn't overly interested (in his defence he had just come out of opaque and will shed in a day or two) but there was certainly a bit of tongue flicking going on. It is a better idea to introduce the male into the female's enclosure as the male will only really have one thing on his mind. The female will want to check out the new enclosure, where as if the boy goes in with her she is already comfortable in her enclosure.

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