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Wildlife Demonstrations, Emergency Consultancy & 

Wildlife Management, Photography, Wildlife Books & Giftware

Your books are great - full of information with nice pictures. 

- Luke 9

My son loves your books. The Dangerous Creatures one is by far his favourite. Keep up the good work! - Dave 

The kids and their friends were taking about Jason's party for months afterwards. Thanks for making his 10th birthday so memorable


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I called and you came immediately. You were fast, profesional and courteous. I'll be recomending you to all my friends that encounter snakes in their yard.

Sara Collins, Creastmead

"This is the only time I have ever been happy when my husband has given me a cleaning apparatus as a present (and the tea towel is draped over dishes as a prop effect)" - Natasha

"I told my wife I wanted a Perentie.

Not quite what I meant, but it's a start I guess!  I use it every morning, its my favorite mug."   - Chris Tomms

IThese guys have a wealth of information when it comes to dealing with reptiles, they are very professional and highly skilled. As a fellow snake catcher I highly recommend them.  -  Stew Lalor

Excellent service, excellent price and great response on a Sunday evening call. Highly recommended.

Lee Franklin, Logan

I called Scott on a public holiday to help us identify a snake. He happily did so via a photo and was very knowledgeable. Will definitely be calling Scott again if I need one removed.   - Kazz Neilson

Great advice, helpful service & replies instantly late at night. Thank you for calming my nerves!

Eliza Rees

Excellent service! Thanks so much for coming so quickly! Highly recommend Scott. Thanks again.

Kylie Barsby, Logan

Without a doubt one of the most knowledgeable demonstrators in the country.

Josh Hayley.

I love your native wildlife and on a recent visit to your country I bought one of your Lace Monitor mugs.  I use it every morning for my morning cup of tea.  Not only do I love the mug, I love the memories it brings back from my visit.  Thank you Nature 4 You. - Gayle Davison, U.K.

I might be in hospital again but at least I'm looking good thanks to Nature 4 You

James Frost

I was wearing one of my Nature 4 You shirts. Love these shirts, I also have the BHP, Emerald Tree Monitor, Shingleback and Cann's Turtle.



Jo Smythe

Jackson thinks the shirt is amazing he won't take it off at bedtime!

Karina Barrett

Great people, great service, great products and great books! Both Tie and Scott are very knowledgable people in the field of Herpetology. Their reptiles and demonstrations are top class!


I love your snakes of Australia book. Thank you for putting this out there.


Our boys love the books you have done for the Australian Geographic series. Looking forward to a few more for their bookshelves.

    - Hailey

Just wanted to say thank you and say we love all of your wonderful products. Absolutely love all the books. Tie and Scott's knowledge and experience in Herpetology is outstanding. The Tote bags are of the highest quality and look great!  They are so strong - they are used to carry the many books we buy at the book fairs.  The shower gels and melts smell amazing and last such a long time. Have also used the melts inside drawers and wardrobes to give the most gorgeous fragrance to clothing.   - Tina

You should be congratulated on the Snakes of Australia. Outstanding work.

             Richard Wells

Thank you both for tirelessly giving back to the hobby. We are lucky to have your knowledge at our fingertips. 

           - Scotty B

I love your Elapid book, it's the best out there for Australian husbandry. When are you doing another one?

     - Ben

Thank you for the informative and hands on display you did at Alex's birthday party. We will be recommending you to all our friends. 

           - Jeanet