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January's Book Review - Naultinus Naultinus elegans & Naultinus grayii - Biology, husbandry and breeding by Hermann Seufer & Nicolas Defabiani.

We love to read.

We own a lot of books.

We also own an online bookshop. Handy right?!

But we realise that not everyone has spare money right now, and when you do, there are so many books to choose from and you don't want to waste your money. So Scott and I thought we would do a monthly book review so our customers could find out a bit more information on a particular title and decide if it was for their shelves or not.

We thought we would kick it of with Edition Chimaira's latest book Naultinus Naultinus elegans & Naultinus grayii - Biology, husbandry and breeding by Hermann Seufer & Nicolas Defabiani. If you are a fan of these breathtaking little lizards, I should mention it is the only book readily available on the husbandry of these species. It is available in English or German.

Straight off the bat I have to say I love learning about animals that I will never be able to keep. Our strict importation rules curb any legal ownership of reptiles from overseas. So the zoo, books and social media is as good as it will get for us Aussies. Part of the appeal for me is getting absorbed in an animal and habitat that isn't something I can see anywhere in my country. It's a herping holiday on the lounge!

Reading husbandry manuals from other countries should stretch your mind to wonder if some of their techniques would work for our animals. The Naultinus book will definitely do that! Naultinus elegans and Naultinus grayii are two of the nine species of gecko in the Naultinus genus, and they inhabit New Zealand.

 Naultinus elegans gecko licking nectar

Fig 60 from Naultinus elegans & Naultinus grayii - Biology, husbandry and breeding. Nectar licking xanthic specimen of Naultinus elegans. Image credit: D. Van Winkel.

The authors Hermann Seufer & Nicolas Defabiani have extensive experience with these geckos and their passion is easily picked up on when you start to read. The book is only 128 pages, but those 128 pages are packed with information. The authors have covered everything you could want to know about Naultinus elegans and Naultinus grayii and also touched on the other members of the genus.

Topics covered include taxonomy and distribution, background on the two taxonomists who named the lizards - I found this very interesting as it isn't that common in these sorts of books. Habitats and habits, acclimatization, reproduction, terrariums - and here they didn't just stick to localised plants, the authors listed some other plants that also work well, giving the reader more options if New Zealand plants were not readily available. All aspects of husbandry are covered, in more than one way to give the reader options. There is also a decent section devoted to diseases and abnormalities.

Apart from a damn good read the photos are stunning. 135 full colour photographs of breathtaking geckos make this book a great buy. They range in size from 4 x 5 cm to double-page spreads. This is just one feature of Edition Chimaira's publications that make them one of the best reptile publishers around. There is also a couple of graphs to illustrate data and the coloured distribution map shows where the nine species can be found throughout New Zealand.

The gecko Naultinus elegans in a tree.

Fig 46 from Naultinus elegans & Naultinus grayii - Biology, husbandry and breeding. Naultinus elegans in its natural habitat. Image credit: D. Laux.

I would definitely buy this book (if we didn't already have it!) I think it is well worth the money, and the time to read it.

https://www.wildlifedemonstrations.com/product-page/naultinus-elegans-naultinus-grayii-biology-husbandry-and-breeding is the link if anyone is interested in getting themselves a copy of this book. If you are a collector, we were lucky enough to secure a VERY LIMITED amount of SIGNED copies. Get in quick though!

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The book Naultinus Naultinus elegans & Naultinus grayii - Biology, husbandry and breeding on Nature 4 You bookshelf


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