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List of the best reptile podcasts

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

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Podcasts. Another invention the world has embraced, and we now use in everyday life. The ease of use means we can listen to people talking about our favourite subjects while driving, doing chores, working, or relaxing. For some people, podcasts are the new music. But did you ever wonder how they came to be?

In 2000 the concept of using RSS feeds for bonding video and audio files was drafted. In 2004 Dave Winer and Adam Curry invented the means in which to do this. Ben Hammersly ingeniously came up with the name podcast in a newspaper article in 2004 and the name stuck. In 2005 the larger companies realized that podcasts were here to stay, and Apple led the way with iTunes 4.9 – the first update to support podcasts. Now, 21 years after the idea came into fruition, over 165 million people around the world have listened to a podcast.

As podcasts are becoming more and more popular as a way of learning, we thought we would compile a comprehensive list of reptile podcasts for those new to podcasts. Some are old, some are new. The list contains only English speaking podcasts, but many more are available in many other languages. We also didn’t add podcasts that were very short in length or episodes. List is in alphabetical order for easy reading.

AmphibiaCast hosted by Dan Drobates

Animals at home hosted by Dillon Perron