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List of the best reptile podcasts

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

Podcasts. Another invention the world has embraced, and we now use in everyday life. The ease of use means we can listen to people talking about our favourite subjects while driving, doing chores, working, or relaxing. For some people, podcasts are the new music. But did you ever wonder how they came to be?

In 2000 the concept of using RSS feeds for bonding video and audio files was drafted. In 2004 Dave Winer and Adam Curry invented the means in which to do this. Ben Hammersly ingeniously came up with the name podcast in a newspaper article in 2004 and the name stuck. In 2005 the larger companies realized that podcasts were here to stay, and Apple led the way with iTunes 4.9 – the first update to support podcasts. Now, 21 years after the idea came into fruition, over 165 million people around the world have listened to a podcast.

As podcasts are becoming more and more popular as a way of learning, we thought we would compile a comprehensive list of reptile podcasts for those new to podcasts. Some are old, some are new. The list contains only English speaking podcasts, but many more are available in many other languages. We also didn’t add podcasts that were very short in length or episodes. List is in alphabetical order for easy reading.

AmphibiaCast hosted by Dan Drobates

Animals at home hosted by Dillon Perron

Arcadia Reptile podcast hosted by John Courtenay-Smith

Aussie Wildlife Show hosted by Steve Crawford and Adrian Sherriff

Canadian Herpetoculture Podcast hosted by Keanna Fox and Brandon Millichamp

Carpet Cliff notes hosted by Eric Burke and Owen McIntyre

Carpets and Coffee hosted by Riley Jimison, Eric Burke, and Lucas Lee

Chameleon Academy Podcast hosted by Bill Strand

Colubrid & Colubroid hosted by Dr Zac Loughman and Matt Most

Colubrid Corner hosted by Owen McIntyre and Riley Jimison

Corallus Radio hosted by Jeff Godbold

CornStars hosted by Justin Smith and Joe Phalen

Critters and Stuff hosted by Josh Fastuca

CrocKast Podcast hosted by Nate and Matt

Daffy’s Round Table hosted by Fadi Naddeh

Herp History hosted by Eric Burke and Owen McIntyre

Herp House Rock! Hosted by Ryan and Ben

Herpetological Highlights hosted by Tom Major and Ben Marshall

Let’s Talk Turtles hosted by Ryan and Rebecca

Lizard Brain Radio hosted by Bill Bradley

Modern Medusa hosted by Dominique DeFalco

Monitor Keeping Podcast hosted by Alan Stevens and Khai Phan

Morelia Python Radio hosted by Eric Burke and Owen McIntyre

New World Reptile Keepers hosted by Chris Skywalker Hause

Reefs and Reptiles hosted by Charlie

Reptile Chat W.A. hosted by Paul and Jay

Reptile Entrepreneur Podcast hosted by Bill Strand

Reptile Fight Club hosted by Justin Julander and Chuck Poland

Reptile Systems Podcast by Timothy

Reptile Talk hosted by Jeremy Turgeon and Rob Christian

Reptiles With by HSR Exotics

Reptilian Ramble Podcast hosted by Hunter Houck and Davis Lensch

Reptile Room Podcast hosted by Andy Rea and Riley Jimison

Reptile Room Confessions Podcast hosted by Ryan McVeigh, Erica McVeigh, Bill Bradley, & Teresa Bradley

Rude Dogg Reptiles hosted by Rudy Delgado

Searchable as Reptiles hosted by Brian and Garrett

Snakes and Stogies hosted by Phil Wolf and Justin Smith

Snakes and the Fatman hosted by Chris Eaton

Snake Talk hosted by Dr Jenkins

So Much Pingle hosted by Mike Pingleton

Squamates hosted by Mark D. Scherz, Gabriel Ugueto, and Ethan Kocak.

Student of the Serpent hosted by Eric Burke and Rob Stone

The Australian Herpetoculture Podcast hosted by Luke Nettheim and Jason Rodgers

The Chondrocast by Justin Smith

The Field Herping Podcast hosted by Eric Burke and Nipper Read

The Herpetoculture Network by Justin Smith

The Herping Hour Podcast by Lily Rose Reptile and Dawn of Time Exotics

The Pondcast hosted by THETURTLE ROOM

The Reptile Gumbo Podcast

The Serpent Stream hosted by Jeff and Terry

Trap Talk Podcast hosted by MJ

Unfiltered Reptiles Podcast hosted by Steven, MJ and Desiree

Unreal Reptiles hosted by Jake and Eden

Venom Exchange Radio hosted by Phil Wolf and Nipper Read

Details coming soon….

Ball Shit hosted by Sean Bradley

For Goodness Snake hosted by Herptastic

Gecko Nation Radio hosted by David’s Fine Geckos

Herpin Time hosted by Justin Guyer and Wildman Hartzel

Honey I bought a Reptile

Keep Calm It’s Just a Snake Podcast hosted by Jz’s Reptiles

Reptileapartment.com hosted by John F Taylor

Reptile Living Room hosted by John F Taylor

Reptile N Chill

Reptile Radio

Reptile Radio Australia hosted by Peter Birch and Meyndert Bornman

Snake and Stuff Digest

Snake Room Podcast hosted by Liam Biss

Strength in Leos Podcast hosted by Evan Wooldridge

The Herpetile Podcast hosted by Nash

Urban Jungle Radio hosted by Danny Mendez

Wildlife, Cake and Cocktails hosted by Janne Torrkola

Word on the Snake Vine hosted by

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