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A Field Guide To Snakes & Other Reptiles Of The Western Cape by Tyrone Ping.


The second book of the provincial series and a first of its kind for the Western Cape, which details the unique herpetofauna of the Western Cape. It showcases a comprehensive collection of the region's reptiles in beautiful detail, including many of the region's most iconic reptiles. The Western Cape is not only home to the highest number of tortoise species found anywhere in the world but also has some of the highest levels of species endemism in the country. This concisely written guide is written over 300 pages, covering approximately 154 species of snakes, terrapins, marine turtles, tortoises, chameleons, lizards, monitors and includes over 400 photographs of all the naturally occur-ring species, each with their own distribution maps. A unique reptile field guide with updated and new field observations, personal accounts, and many photographs not previously published in any other field guides. This guide serves as a vital source of reference to the species of snakes and reptiles found in the region, providing the novice naturalist with enough detailed information to answer questions from seasonal herpetologists. It is ideal for naturalists, tourists, students, and anyone else wanting to learn more about the fascinating diversity of snakes and reptiles in the Western Cape. The author has made a conscious effort to convey the in-formation in an easy-to-follow guide which will aid first-time reptile enthusiasts, children wanting to explore the various species and seasoned herpetologists, alike. 

A Field Guide To Snakes & Other Reptiles Of The Western Cape

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