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A Field Guide to the Snakes of Australia by Tie Eipper and Scott Eipper.

This book is a pre-order. It is not expected to be released and available until September 2024. The first 100 books sold by us will have a collectors bookplate.

The first print run only will be hardcover. The next print runs will only be available in softcover. 

Any products ordered with this item WILL NOT be sent out until the book is sent out unless the customer wants to pay for extra postage. 

A fully comprehensive field guide to the 241 species and subspecies of snake in Australia; covering file snakes, pythons, colubrids, natracines, elapids, marine elapids, homalopsids and blindsnakes. Each species is illustrated with photographs from the authors and some of the top nature photographers. Most species have multiple images, showing variation among each species. The introduction covers snakes in the environment, snake-bite prevention and first aid, habitats, glossary and identification diagrams. There is an introduction to each family and genus. There are dichotomous keys to each family, genus species and subspecies for identification. The species descriptions include the common English name, the current scientific name and how to pronounce it, a distribution map, and details of etymology, appearance, range, ecology, disposition, danger level and the IUCN Red List Category. There is also a species checklist, a venom toxicity table and guidance on what to do if you encounter a stranded sea snake or if you find a snake at your home.

A Field Guide to the Snakes of Australia

  • This book is NEW and will be signed by both authors.


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