The Xmas special is your choice of three of the Naturalist's Guide to series for the price of $69 (normally $75) + p&h.  The choice option in this special is A Naturalist's Guide to the Lizards of Australia, A Naturalist's Guide to the Snakes of Australia, A Naturalist's Guide to the Frogs of Australia or A Naturalist's Guide to the Dangerous Creatures of Australia. 

We don't mind which books your choice of three are, (all the same or different titles) but please note if you don't let us know in your order which ones your are wanting to buy, they will be chosen at random and sent.  Each book will come out signed by Scott Eipper and Tie Eipper where applicable.


Offer ends 20.12.21 - Please note we use Australia Post with our orders. We cannot be held resposnible for delivery times. We post your order the day after it is recieved.


If any books are presents for Christmas, or for yourself and would like them personalized,  please  leave a detailed message as to what you would like written in the book at the time of your order. (Please note there is not a huge amount of room for a long message.)

A Naturalist's Guide to ....... 3 pack