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Amphibians of Cambodia, A Field Guide by Jeremy Holden


The first field guide was published in 2008 showcasing Cambodian amphibians.  Over the course of the years, almost a dozen species have been added to the list of Cambodian amphibians.  By 2021, all the previously unnamed species that had been discovered in Cambodia had been given names, and a number of anticipated species were recorded. Combine this with taxonomic changes, it seemed the right time to publish a new and more detailed field guide, and many of the frogs that feature here are appearing  for the first time. Encouragingly, no amphibian species has become extinct in Cambodia in the last decade. Instead, we have seen the number of recorded species increase by approximately 17%. This figure includes both species new to science, and new records for Cambodia. Throughout the field trips made while collecting material for this book, new discoveries were made. 

Amphibians of Cambodia, A Field Guide

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  • Publication: Amphibians of Cambodia, A Field Guide by Jeremy Holden


    Series: Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History, Volume 91.


    Published: Edition Chimaira, May 2023.


    Publication components: Hardcover, 256 pages containing text,  colour photographs, black and white line drawings and colour maps.


    Language: English.


    Dimensions: 21.5 x 15 x 1.75 cm.


    ISBN: 9783899731279

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