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Anacondas - Professional Breeders Series by Hans Bisplinghof & Henry Bellosa.


Anacondas are fascinating in many ways: Young and half-grown animals create excitement with their colour and markings, while standing eye to eye with the impressive adults makes it easy to understand the origin of stories about their legendary size and strength. The authors of this book show that successful keeping and breeding of anacondas is possible and a source of much enjoyment if undertaken with the proper knowledge.

Anacondas - Professional Breeders Series

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  • Publication: Anacondas by Hans Bisplinghof & Henry Bellosa.


    Series: Professional Breeders Series.


    Published: Edition Chimaira, March 2017.


    Publication components: Hardcover, 124 pages containing text,  colour photographs,  black-and-white photographs, and  maps.  


    Language: English.


    Dimensions: 21.5 x 15 x 1 cm.


    ISBN: 978-3-89973-460-7

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