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Emerald Monitors The Varanus prasinus Group by Bernd Eidenmuller.


Recently, monitor lizards have become ever more popular in reptile keeping, and as pets. They have become easier to obtain than previously, and also skilled breeders have been able to pass down the knowledge they have gained in years of keeping to the more novice keeper. The availability of helpful data on their husbandry, advances in technology  makes owning them less problematic. The choice and availability of food items has increased, to such a degree, that no one should have any problems in feeding their lizards with varied and wholesome meals. Dietary deficiency syndromes should therefore be a thing of yester years. As captive-bred monitors are more widely available today, obtaining robust stock has become much more attainable. With their minature adult size, monitor lizards of the subgenus Euprepiosaurus are a great beginner monitor. All species of the Emerald Monitor group are stunning. With their striking appearance, their bright colour patterns and their particular needs in their terrarium, this group takes a distinguished place amongst the representatives of the subgenus Euprepiosaurus.  

BASICS - Emerald Monitors The Varanus prasinus Group

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