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Basics - Live Food by Frank Bruse, Dr Michael Meyer & Wolfgang Schmidt.


Terrarium animals and some species of fish need a healthy, balanced and varied diet. Self-cultured food such as insects (or other live foods) whose nutritional value is enhanced by a correct diet and by supplementation, will give you healthy animals. These species suitable for use as terrarium animal food are: green banana cockroaches, tropical woodlice, fruit flies, locusts, crickets mice and rats. This publication provides information of the preconditions needed for successful culturing from the comphrensive knowledge of skilled terrarium-keepers. This will enable you to supply your animals with valuable and suitable food items, all with minimal investment. Experts summarize their experience compactly.


BASICS - Live Food

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  • Publication: Basics - Live Food by Frank Bruse, Dr Michael Meyer & Wolfgang Schmidt.


    Series: Basics: Experts summarize their experience compactly.


    Published: Chimaira, 2016.


    Publication components: Soft cover, 95 pages containing text and color photos.  


    Language: English.


    Dimensions: 23 x 15.5 x .6 cm.


    ISBN: 9783899730425

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