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Hand Book of Indian Crocodiles by Madireddi V. Subba Rao.


3 species of crocodiles represent in India - Gavialis gangeticus (Gharial), Crocodilus porosus (Saltwater crocodile), and Crocodilus palustris (Mugger crocodile). The number of crocodiles has declined because due to their commercial value in skin, meat, eggs and oil.  The phobias of  spoiling the fishermens nets and their consumption of fish, have also made them enemies of the local fishermen.  Protection under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972 and with the aid of special projects launched for their management and conservation their numbers started to increase.  Sanctuaries and special captive breeding centers are seeing numbers now restore in some places. A Handbook of Indian Crocodiles introduces the reader to the species of Indian crocodiles, their habits, biology, breeding, economic importance, status and distribution. It also shares the management and conservation steps undertaken for their protection throughout the World and are presented in different chapters.



Hand Book of Indian Crocodiles

  • This book is SECOND HAND. It is in good condition, for its age. However there are with slight signs of age like colour and age marks on pages. There are minor dents and marks on both the dust jacket and also the front and back covers. It is no longer in print. Ex library. 

    We take as much precaution as possible when shipping our products to you.  Hand book of Indian Crocodiles will be bubblewrapped and then protected by cardboard before being freighted to you, to ensure best possible transit. 

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  • Publication: Hand Book of Indian Crocodiles by Madireddi V. Subba Rao.

    Published: B.R. Publishing Corporation. 2011.

    Publication components: Hardcover with dust jacket. 93 pages containing text, black and white photographs, illustrations and tables. 

    Language: English.

    Dimensions: 22 x 14.5 x 1 cm.

    ISBN: 9788176467780

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