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Lizards of Mexico, Part 1 Iguanian lizards by Peter Heimes.


Mexico is one of the hotspots of lizard diversity. The huge number of species made it necessary to split the saurians into two volumes. Volume covers the Iguania, i.e. deals with the following species: Basiliscus vittatus, Corytophanes cristatus, Corytophanes hernandesii, Corytophanes percarinatus, Laemanctus longipes, Laemanctus serratus, Crotaphytus antiquus, Crotaphytus collaris, Crotaphytus dickersonae, Crotaphytus grismeri, Crotaphytus insularis, Crotaphytus nebrius, Crotaphytus reticulatus, Crotaphytus vestigium, Gambelia copeii, Gambelia wislizenii, Anolis allisoni, Anolis alvarezdeltoroi, Anolis anisolepis, Anolis barkeri, Anolis beckeri, Anolis biporcatus, Anolis boulengerianus, Anolis capito, Anolis carlliebi, Anolis carolinensis, Anolis compressicauda, Anolis crassulus, Anolis cristatellus, Anolis cristifer, Anolis cuprinus, Anolis cymbops, Anolis dollfusianus, Anolis duellmani, Anolis dunni, Anolis gadovii, Anolis hobartsmithi, Anolis immaculogularis, Anolis laeviventris, Anolis lemurinus, Anolis liogaster, Anolis macrinii, Anolis matudai, Anolis megapholidotus, Anolis microlepidotus, Anolis milleri, Anolis naufragus, Anolis nebuloides, Anolis nebulosus, Anolis nietoi, Anolis omiltemanus, Anolis parvicirculatus, Anolis petersii, Anolis peucephilus, Anolis purpuronectes, Anolis pygmaeus, Anolis quercorum, Anolis rodriguezii, Anolis rubiginosus, Anolis sacamecatensis, Anolis sagrei, Anolis schiedii, Anolis sericeus, Anolis serranoi, Anolis spilorhipis, Anolis stevepoei, Anolis subocularis, Anolis taylori, Anolis tropidonotus, Anolis uniformis, Anolis unilobatus, Anolis ustus, Anolis zapotecorum, Cachryx alfredschmidti, Cachryx defensor, Ctenosaura acanthura, Ctenosaura clarki, Ctenosaura conspicuosa, Ctenosaura hemilopha, Ctenosaura macrolopha, Ctenosaura nolascensis, Ctenosaura oaxacana, Ctenosaura pectinata, Ctenosaura similis, Dipsosaurus catalinensis, Dipsosaurus dorsalis, Iguana iguana, Sauromalus ater, Sauromalus hispidus, Sauromalus klauberi, Sauromalus slevini, Sauromalus varius, Callisaurus draconoides, Cophosaurus texanus, Holbrookia approximans, Holbrookia elegans, Holbrookia maculata, Holbrookia propinqua, Petrosaurs mearnsi, Petrosaurus repens, Petrosaurus slevini, Petrosaurus thalassinus, Phrynosoma asio, Phrynosoma blainvillii, Phrynosoma braconnieri, Phrynosoma cerroense, Phrynosoma cornutum, Phrynosoma coronatum, Phrynosoma ditmarsi, Phrynosoma goodei, Phrynosoma hernandesi, Phrynosoma mcallii, Phrynosoma modestum, Phrynosoma orbiculare, Phrynosoma ornatissimum, Phrynosoma platyrhinos, Phrynosoma sherbrookei, Phrynosoma solare, Phrynosoma taurus, Sceloporus acanthinus, Sceloporus adleri, Sceloporus aeneus, Sceloporus albiventris, Sceloporus anahuacus, Sceloporus angustus, Sceloporus asper, Sceloporus aurantius, Sceloporus aureolus, Sceloporus bicanthalis, Sceloporus bimaculosus, Sceloporus brownorum, Sceloporus bulleri, Sceloporus caeruleus, Sceloporus carinatus, Sceloporus cautus, Sceloporus chaneyi, Sceloporus chrysostictus, Sceloporus clarkii, Sceloporus couchii, Sceloporus cowlesi, Sceloporus cozumelae, Sceloporus cupreus, Sceloporus cyanogenys, Sceloporus cyanostictus, Sceloporus dixoni, Sceloporus druckercolini, Sceloporus dugesii, Sceloporus edwardtaylori, Sceloporus exsul, Sceloporus formosus, Sceloporus gadoviae, Sceloporus gadsdeni, Sceloporus goldmani, Sceloporus grammicus, Sceloporus grandaevus, Sceloporus halli, Sceloporus hesperus, Sceloporus heterolepis, Sceloporus horridus, Sceloporus hunsakeri, Sceloporus insignis, Sceloporus internasalis, Sceloporus jalapae, Sceloporus jarrovii, Sceloporus lemosespinali, Sceloporus licki, Sceloporus lineatulus, Sceloporus lundelli, Sceloporus macdougalli, Sceloporus maculosus, Sceloporus magister, Sceloporus marmoratus, Sceloporus megalepidurus, Sceloporus melanorhinus, Sceloporus merriami, Sceloporus minor, Sceloporus mucronatus, Sceloporus nelsoni, Sceloporus oberon, Sceloporus occidentalis, Sceloporus ochoterenae, Sceloporus olivaceus, Sceloporus omiltemanus, Sceloporus orcutti, Sceloporus ornatus, Sceloporus palaciosi, Sceloporus parvus, Sceloporus poinsettii, Sceloporus pyrocephalus, Sceloporus salvini, Sceloporus samcolemani, Sceloporus scalaris, Sceloporus scitulus, Sceloporus serrifer, Sceloporus shannonorum, Sceloporus siniferus, Sceloporus slevini, Sceloporus smaragdinus, Sceloporus smithi, Sceloporus spinosus, Sceloporus squamosus, Sceloporus stejnegeri, Sceloporus subniger, Sceloporus subpictus, Sceloporus sugillatus, Sceloporus taeniocnemis, Sceloporus tanneri, Sceloporus teapensis, Sceloporus torquatus, Sceloporus unicanthalis, Sceloporus uniformis, Sceloporus utiformis, Sceloporus vandenburgianus, Sceloporus variabilis, Sceloporus virgatus, Sceloporus zosteromus, Uma cowlesi, Uma exsul , Uma notata, Uma paraphygas, Urosaurus auriculatus, Urosaurus bicarinatus, Urosaurus clarionensis, Urosaurus gadovi, Urosaurus graciosus, Urosaurus irregularis, Urosaurus lahtelai, Urosaurus nigricaudus, Urosaurus ornatus, Uta encantadae, Uta lowei, Uta nolascensis, Uta palmeri, Uta squamata, Uta stansburiana, Uta tumidarostra 


Lizards of Mexico, Part 1 Iguanian lizards

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  • Publication: Lizards of Mexico, Part 1 Iguanian lizards by Peter Heimes.


    Series: Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History, Volume 72, Herpetofauna Mexicanna Volume 2.


    Publisher: Edition Chimaira, Feburary 2022.


    Publication details: Hardcover, 448 pages, containing text, 92 coloured distribution maps, 728 colour photographs and 2 maps.


    Language: English


    Dimensions: 30 x 21 x 3 cm.


    ISBN: 978-3-89973-101-9

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