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Stubby coolers.

Our stubby coolers are insulated foam-backed polyester, which will  keep drinks cooler for longer.

Stubby coolers minimise condensation on the can, keep drinks colder for longer, keep your hands dry and look great! Our stubby coolers store flat, making them easy to store in a drawer during winter, until summer when the BBQ is fully operational again.


The stubby coolers are only available in white, each stubby cooler measures  x 108W x 135H mm

Only one side is printed on and one design per side/cooler.



*More designs will be available soon.



Stubby Coolers

Out of Stock
  • All stubby coolers are NEW.


    We take as much precaution as possible when shipping our products to you. All stubby coolers will be wrapped in bubble wrap for extra protection in travel.


    For extra peace of mind with your purchases during transit, we insure your purchases with the courier company used.

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