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Puff Adders, The Venomous Landmines of Africa by Thomas Dorner.


Africa's largest venomous snake genus, has always had a huge fan base among venomous snake enthusiasts. This book is aimed to serve as a compendium to provide both a biological insight into the genus and information on the effect and treatment of snakebites, as well as the keeping and breeding of puff adders. Topics covered in this book include systematic and evolution, habitats and distribution, risks and endangerment, anatomy of the puff adders, snake venoms and their mode of action, husbandry and breeding, diet, behavior and how to easliy and efficently identify the species.  The species accounts are detailed and provides the reader with an overview of the name, origin, size and danger level followed by the characteristics of the species.

Puff Adders, The Venomous Landmines of Africa

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  • Publication: Puff Adders, The Venomous Landmines of Africa by Thomas Dorner.


    Published: Offsetdruck, 2023.


    Publication components: Hardcover, 300 pages containing text, full colour photographs, tables and distrubution maps. 

    Language: English.


    Dimensions: 24.5 x 16.5 x 2 cm.


    ISBN: 978 3 00 076025 9

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