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Pythons of Australia: a natural history by Geordie Torr.

For thousands of years, snakes have inspired both fear and fascination, and no serpent has proved more intriguing than the python. Long neglected by researchers, these remarkable reptiles have attracted increasing attention over the past few decades, and a clear picture of their ecology is now emerging. Pythons of Australia: A Natural History is the first attempt to gather together everything known about the biology of Australia's pythons into a single, accessible and easy-to-read volume. Illustrated with 34 spectacular color photographs and some wonderfully detailed line drawings, Pythons of Australia covers anatomy and physiology, behavior, reproduction, ecology and conservation. It provides detailed accounts and descriptions of all of the species, from the tiny pygmy python, the world's smallest, to the scrub python, which can reach up to five meters in length. Pythons are becoming increasingly popular as pets, and the book also contains a valuable overview of their captive care and breeding.



Pythons of Australia: a natural history.

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