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The Amphibians of Kenya by Stephen Spawls, Domnick V Wasonga, & Robert C Drewes.


This little book covering all of Kenya’s amphibians, with maps for all and pictures for virtually all, full colour. Primarily aimed at conservation organisations in Kenya, it is intended at field identification, allowing readers to match the frog or caecilian they see in the field with the photo and range map.

The Amphibians of Kenya

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  • Publication: The Amphibians of Kenya by Stephen Spawls, Domnick V Wasonga, & Robert C Drewes.

    Published: Stephen Spawls (privately published), September 2019.

    Publication details: Softcover booklet,  55 pages containing text, colour photographs and distribution maps. Text is in English.  21 x 14.5 x 0.4 cm. 

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