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The More Complete Carpet Python by Nick Mutton & Justin Julander.


Carpet pythons are one of the most variable, beautiful and fascinating of all snakes. The More Complete Carpet Python more than doubles the length of the first edition and provides a wealth of useful information for those interested in this amazing group of snakes. The book focuses on all aspects of this group of snakes, with a particular focus on natural history and husbandry, it covers the carpet python complex, as well as the related taxa of Morelia carinata and Nyctophilopython oenpelliensis. The authors have beautifully documented the diversity of appearance and colouration of these pythons with an exhaustive number of amazing photos of the animals in their natural habitat. These pythons are understandably some of the most popular species in herpetoculture and this book provides the most thorough treatment of this group ever written.


The More Complete Carpet Python

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