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Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of the Middle East by Findlay E. Russell & James R. Campbell.


This volume provides an overview on the venomous snakes species of the region, snakebite and the available antisera.

From the preface:
"Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of the Middle East is an important contribution to the understanding of the snake fauna in a region where bites from venomous snakes are not uncommon. Venomous snakes are a substantial and ecologically important part of the biodiversity of the Middle East and constitute some of the more well known species in that part of the world. Wide ranging species like the Blunt-nosed Viper Macrovipera lebetina and the Asian Saw-scaled Viper Echis carinatus, which contributes to a large amount of lethal bites are well known. [...]

It is of course always important to know which species of venomous snakes can be found in the regions one is visiting. It is also important to know what a meeting with venomous snakes may result in. For years I have been teaching health care professionals who are going to serve abroad. There is always a great desire to know what can be done if disaster strikes and a need to know what can be found around the camp. A book like this can be extremely helpful in many cases. With its help one should often be able to determine the species of a venomous snake, in residential areas and if hiking in remote areas. [...] Most snakes in the wild are actually completely harmless, only a relatively small number are venomous and dangerous. [...] this book does indeed help to support and help to identify the venomous ones.

I view the book as a field manual that will be of unique value to physicians, nurses and healthcare workers in both hospital and field settings throughout the Middle East, as well as to others interested, including both ecotourists and the general public. It will facilitate identification of venomous snakes with its good photographs and accurate descriptions. The book is clearly intended to serve medical and public health professionals in dealing with the challenges of snake bite prevention and treatment, the descriptions of the snakes including their ecology, distribution and behavior, plus the high-quality photographs will serve the field herpetologist well, and provide a benchmark for research on venomous snakes in the region. I see the book as a unique addition to many libraries around the world as well as to regional organizations, national health programmes or similar societies and even to anyone interested in animal life and herpetology."

Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of the Middle East

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  • Publication: Venomous Terrestrial Snakes of the Middle East by Findlay E. Russell & James R. Campbell.

    Series: Frankfurt Contributions to Natural History, Volume 53.

    Published: Chimaira, January, 2015.

    Publication components: Hardcover, 186 pages containing text, colour photographs, black and white photographs, black and white illustrations, and distribution maps.  

    Language: English.

    Dimensions: 21.5 x 15 x 1.2 cm.

    ISBN: 978-3-89973-446-1



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