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Cold-blooded Contributions Podcast

Updated: Jul 1

We aim to translate all our podcasts for those that don't want to miss out, but don't like listening to podcasts. Here's the trailer.

If you prefer to listen to the podcast over reading, please click on the link for Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/4kgY7S3d7OyrIaP3hm9S1m?si=c895b5d777fa408c

Our podcast is released on Spotify, Amazon Music/Audible, Apple, Podchaser (Podbean, Buzzfeed) iHeartRadio, Castbox, Deezer, Podcast Addict, JioSaavn.

logo for Cold-blooded Contributions Podcast

TE: Greetings everyone! Welcome to the trailer for the Cold-blooded Contributions Podcast. We are your hosts, the Eipper’s. I'm Tie Eipper and with me is my husband Scott Eipper. If you love reptiles, reptile podcasts or anything at all reptile, then you're gonna want to add this podcast to your repertoire.

SE: When you said you wanted to do the greeting, I was expecting something more than that.

TE: I said I wanted to do the opening line. I may not have gotten another sentence in. If you want to do more babe, greet away……

SE: Wow.

TE: Babe people have heard us on a podcast before, they know what happens.

SE: Ouch!

TE: O.K, I’m happy, I got a couple of sentences in, knock yourself out.

SE: Oh, so I can talk, can I?

TE: Yeah, go for it!

SE: For those who are wondering what this podcast is all about, we will be chatting with people in the hobby who have made a creative, positive impact. Whether it's artistically, advancing us in the hobby with information or data for husbandry etc, or just inspiring people that have had a positive influence on the hobby, whether in the past, present or even in the future.

TE: The reason we are both doing this is we ask different questions. Scott's uuuummmm shall we say a bit more scientific and polite. I'm more curious, and my curiosity is ....

SE: Weird? Most people don't say those things out loud.

TE: I would of said on a different level, but sure we can go with that if you like.

SE: At the moment this is going to be about a monthly podcast. So make sure you hit subscribe if you haven't already so you don't miss an episode. Give the Cold-blooded Contributions Podcast a like on Facebook while you're at it - that's where we are going to be announcing guests and so much more.

TE: Thanks for listening in with Tie and Scott Eipper! We will be releasing our first episode of Cold-blooded Contributions soon. And always remember, trust your creativity, it's intelligence having fun.

Nature 4 You website: www.wildlifedemonstrations.com


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