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End of an era

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

We had an absolute blast bringing you guys our line of apparel. From baby onesies to adult hoodies we had our reptile loving community covered. It was a great run for a few years, but like all good things, unfortunately it comes to an end. I'd love to tell you our animals loved posing for the shirts as much as you guys did for shots on our website, but I can honestly tell you there was blood, sweat and tears in quite a few of those photoshoots (and a lot of cussing!)

We loved all the feedback you guys gave us and were quite proud seeing you in our apparel. It never got old seeing someone in the shops in one of our shirts or hoodies and we still nudge each other and say "Ooooohhhhhh look, they're in one of our shirts!"

Unfortunately due to rising costs, the printers had to rise their costs. They held off as long as they could, and do such an awesome job that we felt terrible when we had to tell them we could no longer do it. They treated us like family and it was really hard actually making the decision to step away from the clothing. In this day and age it is so hard to find a company that care about their customers, offer quality work, stand by their word and hit the deadline no matter what it takes! (Jackie drove to Brisbane from Gladstone on more than one occasion with a several hundred shirts so we could bring them to a reptile expo!) I guess that's what has kept the family business running for over 30yrs. We look forward to working with them again in the future.

Gladstone Printing Services

Gladstone Printing

Stay tuned, we have all our awesome designs, and always have something in the shadows!

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