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In Aid of the Rattlesnake Roundups

This is a project Scott and I are extremely stoked to be able to say we are involved in. Together with the awesome Todd Autry is the U.S. we have come up with a Western Diamondback range to help the tireless, hardworking guys who are trying to make a difference with the Rattlesnake Roundups. Shirts are $25AUD each + p&h. $10 per shirt will be donated to go towards travel, printing costs, educating, research, interviews etc to help give them much needed funding as it all comes out of their pockets. If you haven't seen a rattlesnake round up please google it - it is something that would not fly here in Australia. If you would like to donate to their cause but not purchase something in the range please send us a pm. To order a shirt and give the boys some much needed funding please go to www.wildlifedemonstrations.com and hit the “shop now” button. Thanks guys.



The rattlesnake shirt.

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