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May's book review - The Guide to Victorian Wildlife by Angus McNab.

We love to read.

We own a lot of books.

We also own an online bookshop. Handy right?!

But we realise that not everyone has spare money right now, and when you do, there are so many books to choose from and you don't want to waste your money. So, Scott and I thought we would do a monthly book review so our customers could find out a bit more information on a particular title and decide if it was for their shelves or not.


For our fifth book review I thought I would share my thoughts on: The Guide to Victorian Wildlife by Angus McNab.

the book "the guide to Victorian Wildlife" by Angus McNab

This is Angus’ second book and an absolute cracker.  This paperback 527-page field guide is in my opinion a must have for your shelves. This is the newest field guide available for Victoria and it is all encompassing. It was available from April this year.

This field guide covers amphibians, reptiles, mammals (both land and marine), birds and vagrant species.

There are over 1700 photos that accompany the species accounts, and they are clear and well thought out – Angus has marked in some instances male or female, breeding or non-breeding colours, juvenile or adult to assist the reader with identification. The thumb tabs to indicate each family is great and user friendly.

Each species account contains a distribution map, a description, reproduction information, preferred habitat, data for observation, the Australian range for the species found in other states or territories, and other notes that may be helpful for the reader to aid in identification. A couple of standout factors in the species accounts is similar species – Angus doesn’t just name the species, he shares with the reader how to differentiate between any similar species, and also observability – not only does Angus share where to see the animals, he also gives a when.

a couple of pages from the reptile section of Angus McNab's field guide of Victoria

When I say this book is all encompassing I mean it. Angus has added the vagrant and visitors that have been recorded in Victoria and its surrounding waters, supplied information on 33 extinct species that inhabited Victoria and 22 species that have been found in Victoria that shouldn’t be there.

Angus is a qualified ecologist and shares his tips on observing wildlife in the beginning, making it even easier for the beginner in the bush to spot their target species. The chapter on bats has a sonogram – a clever addition to an already fantastic field guide. There is also a couple of lined pages at the back of the book for the reader to add their field notes to.

If you are looking at getting yourself a copy of this stellar field guide, the link is: https://www.wildlifedemonstrations.com/product-page/the-guide-to-victorian-wildlife  All of our copies have been signed by the author. It is a fantastic price for the amount of work, knowledge and expertise that this publication contains.


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the book by Angus McNab entitled "the guide to Victorian wildlife" sitting on a table with a Nature 4 You mug and a pair of reading glasses


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