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The Guide to Victorian Wildlife by Angus McNab.


The Guide to Victorian Wildlife is the only comprehensive field guide that aids the reader in identifying all 662 species of amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and birds that live in Victoria and its territorial waters. This includes five species that do not occur anywhere else. The detailed and user-friendly species accounts  contain physical descriptions, distribution maps, details on where and when to see each species, preferred habitat types, elevational ranges, similar species and how to tell them apart, plus notes on subspecies, conservation status, and ecology. Details on the 199 vagrants and visitors that have been recorded within Victoria and its territorial waters are included, with photographs depicting a range of these species. Further, information on 33 extinct species, 22 escapee and invading species, and 23 potentially occurring species are included for full coverage of the wildlife of Victoria. The book contains over 1,700 images. This image count is made up of colour photographs of males, females, juveniles, a range of color morphs, and variations in subspecies. 

The Guide to Victorian Wildlife

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