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Our new business logo

Scott and I had the Beautiful Velvet Gecko as our business logo, had done for years. We get asked quite often "why do you have that as your logo when you are more known for venomous snakes and goannas?" Two reasons, Scott has always loved the Beautiful Velvet Gecko (we keep them) and we thought that it was less confronting to people who are not quite as keen as we are with reptiles.

Having had the Beautiful Velvet Gecko as our logo for over a decade and also Nature For You is heading in a different direction to what we originally thought we would go to we decided to make a change. So we took the advice of all those people who thought we should have either a venomous snake or a goanna as our logo. Spot makes quite a good logo we think!

Thank you to everyone who suggested using one of our goannas intstead of the gecko, we are rather happy with our new logo and think we should of done it ages ago!

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