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What to get a reptile lover for Christmas?

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

We all have that person whose impossible to buy for when it comes to Christmas and birthday time. (Yes Scott, I am talking about you!) It's an annual problem - what to get a reptile lover for Christmas other than a reptile. I face this dilemma every event that requires a present (including the times I messed up or want to just let him know I love him) I need a reptile related present and cannot find anything..... Here's a little help.

For the big kid...

Let's be honest, we all love to play (some more than others!) Embrace that inner child and do what makes you feel good.

This is a robotic lizard toy that runs across the floor. If you flip the switch on this lizard, its back legs jump to life, hurrying forward at a quick pace just like a real reptile.

Chameleon lover? How about a large plush chameleon? These huge soft toys are made from Cotton and are available in two lengths: 70cms and 100cms.

More Chameleons, but these are adorable and hand made and tiny! Crocheted Chameleons! Chameleons are available in grey-yellow-orange colours, and are approximately 2.4 inches (6 cm) in length. There is wire in the body, tail and legs, enabling them to make different poses.

For the reader...

If you're a reader there's always a good time and place for it: in bed, the lounge, public transport (as the passenger!), a nice hot bath, your lunch break, while you're supposed to be studying something else, the list is endless.

The Herpetoculture Magazine is free to download admittedly, but there is an option to buy. Call me old, but it's so much better having the magazine in your hot little hands over reading on your tablet. There are 25 volumes sure to keep that special someone happy (and quiet!)

O.K this is a shameless plug.

But they really are great little books, at a great price. They are a nice little size - perfect for the bookshelf or the glove box. Don't let the size fool you though, they are packed full of photos and information.

For the art lover...

I have the uncanny ability to ruin a stick figure drawing. (It's a skill, honest!) I cannot tell you how much I admire the skill an artist has with a pencil or a paintbrush. These are two prominent reptile and amphibian artists with immeasurable talents. Prints are available, not just originals which is a fantastic way of owning an impressive artwork at a much cheaper price.

Tell Hicks is one of the world's leading wildlife artists, specialising in reptiles and amphibians. He was a founding member of the international Herpetological Society and became its President in 2009. Tell has his studio in Somerset, in the UK.

Fall in love with Tell's artwork here: tellhicks.weebly.com

Adeline Robinson isn't just an incredibly talented artist, she's also completing her associates degree in graphic arts. You can own her stunning creations on more than just artwork if you prefer to wear it or drink out of it rather than look at it. (If anyone is needing a last minute gift idea for me, you'll be my new favourite person with an 11 x 14"of the Blue insularis!)

Fall in love with Adeline's artwork here: https://www.adelinerobinsonart.com/shop-1

For the organised (or those of us that try to be)...

Calendars. These are awesome gifts. Not only are they a visual treat for 12 months, they also remind us for 12 months that the giver thought of us. They are wonderful presents for those that are old school and use paper calendars for organisation. (Or those of us that want to be organised, but cant quite get there and we stay in January or February until someone notices and flips it to the tail end of the year).

Both of these calendars give back to charity, which makes it twice as good.

The Ross McGibbon 2022 Calendar.

Raising money for the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia and the Global Snakebite Initiative.

25% of the proceeds of the calendar are donated to the Royal Flying Doctors and the Global Snakebite Initiative.

Two worthy causes, magnificent photos and an all round lovely guy.

This beautiful 2022 calendar features gorgeous pitvipers from around the world! 100% of proceeds go to Advocates for Snake Preservation, a non-profit dedicated to education about coexisting with snakes.

For the crafter....

You can never have enough craft supplies. It's sorta like hoarding, but in a bright, sparkley way. It doesn't matter what it is, it WILL come in handy for something one day. "I'm going to use what I have here before I buy something else" is not a phrase anyone that is into any craft has ever used, nor will we.

Fabric. This is one design of many I came across in a google search. I went for smaller company over a large chain, but fabric is certainly a great idea for a sewer!

This is a groovy, 100% cotton woven fabric, from a smoke free, pet free, ethically operated store.

This is a chameleon tape measure. Quite cool, definitely a different idea!

There were quite a few different places that sold this item, all had different prices. If this floats your boat, just google Chameleon tape measure and it will come up in your search.

For those that like to step out in style...

Fashion can be bought, style one must possess. If you are buying a gift for someone who likes showing the world they are a reptilian fan, why not say it with clothes and accessories!

Zilla footwear has as awesome range of shoes and apparel. (I may run the credit card up just doing this blog!)

Serpent Hiking/Walking Stick

Each is made of solid painted Jacaranda (shown). Each cane/walking stick is one-of-a-kind and made in Kenya, Africa by the Kamba Tribe. Measures appx: 29-63inches x 3-4.5inches. There were quite a few different ones in their Etsy shop. They had great reviews, and definately have awesome talent!

For those who like to let their hair down...

Most of us like a drink or two. Sometimes it's a social drink, sometimes it's a drink to make the company or occasion more enjoyable, either way, it will be 5pm somewhere.

Hosting on Christmas day? Shopping for a man cave? Need a gift for someone who is partial to a drop? Check out these premium quality wooden coasters in Adele Leane's range.

You can't drink (eloquently) without a glass! Cafe Press has a decent range of reptile themed glassware that would be well appreciated!

Get it here: www.cafepress.com

Tiger Snake Whiskey 43%

Two time Winner of the World Whiskey Awards Trophy for Australia’s best grain whiskey. Tiger Snake was Australia’s first version of a sour mash whiskey, taking inspiration from the great Tennessee Whiskeys and Kentucky Bourbons to bring you a damn fine drink. Using 100% Western Australian ingredients, this impressive sour mash is crafted using a classic grain bill of corn, rye, malted barley, and occasionally the old hybrid grain “triticale”. All grains are sourced from within Western Australia. Tiger Snake opens with a floral bouquet before hitting the taste buds with notes of vanilla-soaked hazelnut, caramel and a hint of zesty citrus rind. It is well textured with a smooth finish. The average age of this product is 5 to 8 years.

Dugite Whiskey

This blended whiskey is produced by skilfully combining a secret recipe of premium single malt whisky with mixed grain whiskey, before being aged in American oak barrels for a minimum of three years.

Crafted at our Porongurup-based distillery, it’s hard to beat the quality of elements essential to whiskey that are found in the region - the water is pure, the air is warm and clean, the grain is rich. So naturally, it makes a welcoming home for the dugite snake. Dugite Whiskey is humble but bold, crafted for the everyday Australian drinker.

The Porongurup Distillery where both Dugite and Tiger Snake are made, is not open to the public, however customers can sample our products at both our Albany and Margaret River Distilleries. You can purchase both whiskeys (plus some cool merchandise and alcoholic beverages) here: https://www.distillery.com.au/

This Collection celebrates the Australian Outback and brings these labels to life using Web-Based Augmented Reality.

Ssshiraz - Dry Red, deep red with purple edge. Concentrated red and blue fruits, black olive, spice and dark chocolate on the nose. The mouthfeel is rich and balanced with ripe dark berry fruits combined with spice. This Shiraz is made to enjoy now and will only improve with some cellaring. It expresses its drinkability now but will continue to soften over the next 3 - 6 years. This particular wine will cellar nicely for up to 15 years. - Tiger Snake.

8 Legged Red - Dry/Full bodied, deep dark brooding red with vibrant red hues. Aromas of dark berries and prunes, liquorice with nuances of chocolate and an inkling of cedary oak. The mouthfeel is rich, balanced with an underlying power. Red and dark berry fruits, mocha and liquorice with integrated toasty oak. The grainy tannins are lip coating, balance and complete the structure of the wine. Best with Steak. This Shiraz Durif is made to cellar. It expresses its drinkability now but will continue to soften over the next 3 - 6 years. This particular wine will cellar nicely for up to 10 years. - Redback Spider

Tempranillo By Night - Deep crimson with purple edges. Brooding dark cherries, layers of ripe red fruit underscored by plenty of textural tannins conveying a generous length of flavour. A wine made to relish with food. This wine is ready to drink now but has cellar potential for the next 3-5 years. - Crocodile eye.

And let's not forget those finishing touches...

Its the eye for detail, the finishing touches, the little things. They make a world of difference.

These handmade Christmas decorations are delightful! An easy, special way to commemorate another Christmas passing, or a first Christmas.

Reptile themed gift tags.

Another shameless plug, I apologize.

But that wraps it up. (For that one, I'm really, really sorry! Scott's dad jokes have rubbed off over the last 20ish years.)

We have no affiliation from anyone in this list (other than our own products). We are not suggesting you buy them as we have not tried everyone's products, merely offering suggestions. We accept no responsibility for any interactions with any above companies.

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