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Warm wishes from us to you

books by Scott and Tie Eipper

Stuck on ideas for Christmas?

We got you covered!

Pick any three of the books in the 'A Naturalist's Guide to ...' series that has been co authored by Scott or Tie Eipper and we are offering you three of our books for $69.00AUD + p&h. Normally $25.00AUD each + p&h.

We are more than happy to personalise the books you wish to purchase, be it for yourself or a gift. Please keep in mind though, there is NOT a whole lot of room for writing. A sentence or two is perfect. Please leave in the note section at the time of purchasing the book, exactly what you wish us to write, and which books you are interested in.

To order the trio of books go to:

Offer ends 20.12.21. All orders will be posted within a day of receiving them. We use Australia Post for our postage needs and cannot be held responsible for any delays once they have left our doorstep.

Gift vouchers are available.

Gift vouchers start at $20.

Don't forget to check out our reptilian gift tags to make it a complete cold-blooded Christmas.

Our reptile gift tags are sold in packs of 30.

Each pack of reptile gift tags contains the following reptiles on a Christmas setting:

  • Land Mullet (1st gift tag)

  • Peron's Tree Frog (2nd gift tag)

  • Freshwater Crocodile (3rd gift tag)

  • Cann's Long-necked Turtle (4th gift tag)

  • Emerald Tree Monitor (5th gift tag)

  • Inland Taipan (6th gift tag)

  • Water Python (7th gift tag)

  • Trio of Bearded Dragons (8th gift tag)

  • Marbled Velvet Gecko (9th gift tag)

There are 3 of each tag in the pack along with 3 picked at random.

Each tag measures 91mm (L)

55mm (H)

To order the reptile gift tags go to:

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