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Wildlife Demonstrations, Emergency Consultancy & 

Wildlife Management, Photography, Wildlife Books & Giftware

Every product we ship out is packaged with the utmost of care. If you have a package arrive that has been damaged in transit, we must be notified within 2 weeks of the package being delivered to your shipping address. We do not refund or accept returns on books that have been signed or due to change of mind. Every parcel we ship will have a tracking number which will be emailed to you when your order has been posted. Thank you for your business!


It is up to the customer to check that goods they have ordered will clear customs. Nature 4 You holds no responsibility for sending items that did not clear customs due to a prohibition of certain items in the customer's home country. 

Please note, all our prices are shown in AUD unless otherwise specified.

You may notice that the prices on some of our stock changes periodically. This is due to the majority of our stock coming from overseas. Unfortunately as the the dollar fluctuates, so does what we are charged for the books. Each new order to replenish stock seems to bring new prices, so we have to price our books accordingly. We did try our hardest to avoid doing this, but between the conversion rate and the fees from the pay later companies, we were going backwards. 


If you purchase a book written by us and would like it personalised (more than just a signature) you need to leave a note at the checkout with clear instructions on what you would like inscribed. If no instructions are left at the checkout, signatures only will be in the book. (Same applies if you don't want signatures) We have no way of knowing who the book is for, so will not personalise anything without direct instructions. 

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If the product you are interested in displays this button, click on the button and you will receive an email notifying you when we have it back in stock. 

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