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World Snake Day

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

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Happy world snake day!

World Snake Day is the 16th July.

Ophidiophobia. A fear of snakes.

A fear of snakes can arise from a variety of causes.

  • A negative experience. A traumatic experience around a snake, (especially when young), can leave a long-term phobia of the creatures.

  • Learned behaviours. Watching a parent/relative/figure of authority in your childhood show a fear of snakes, may impart that fear/belief down the line.

  • Media portrayal. Often we learn fear through media portrayal or social situations. Clowns, bats, mice, abandoned buildings, and snakes often end up in this category.

World snake day is about increasing awareness in society and trying to cast aside some fear that surrounds snakes. No one seems to know how World Snake Day actually came about, but reptile keepers around the world enthusiastically let everyone know when World Snake Day rolls around each year.

Understanding the behavioural patterns of snakes can go a long way to dispelling fear. When people can see them as a valuable part of the ecosystem, a beautiful animal in themselves and animals just like any other, the fear of snakes may start to dispel.

Visits to zoo's, wildlife sanctuaries and parks, visiting friends who keep snakes, bushwalking and seeing the animals in their natural habitats or even researching off their own accord will go a long way to preservation, not eradication.

Show your support on July 16th and post a photo of your favourite snake with the #worldsnakeday

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Common tree snake, Dendrelaphis punctulatus (blue phase)

Common tree snake, Dendrelaphis punctulatus (blue phase)

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