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A Naturalist Guide to the Snakes of Southeast Asia, 3rd Edition by Indraneil Das.


This fully revised and updated 3rd edition of A Naturalist's Guide to the Snakes of Southeast Asia is an easy-to-use identification guide to 264 snake species most commonly found in Southeast Asia (covering Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Myanmar, Borneo, Sumatra, Java and Bali), and is perfect for resident and visitor alike. High quality photographs from the region's top nature photographers, some of species that have never before been published, are accompanied by detailed species descriptions which include nomenclature, size, distribution, habits and habitat. The user-friendly introduction covers snake topography, how to deal with snake bites and a glossary. Also included is an all-important checklist of all of the snakes of Southeast Asia encompassing, for each species, its common and scientific name, IUCN status as at 2020 and its status in each country.



A Naturalist Guide to the Snakes of Southeast Asia 3rd Edition

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