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Australian Geographic Australian Flora Playing Cards.


This set of 54 high quality playing cards are housed in a magnetised carboard box, and feature native Australian flora and fauna (one pack is flora, the other pack is fauna), beautifully illustrated by a range of Australian Geographic artists.  Each card includes the individual species' common and scientific name.  Not only are these playing cards a lovely gift, they are also an awesome educational tool for children or adults to learn about native plants or native animals. These stunning playing cards make the perfect gift for all ages and occasions: from card nights, camping trips and holidays or a fantastic Australiania memento. 


Australian Flora/Fauna Playing Cards

  • This card game is NEW.



    We take as much precaution as possible when shipping our products to you. The Australian Geographic card games will be bubblewrapped before being freighted to you, to ensure best possible transit. 


    For extra peace of mind with your purchases during transit, we insure your purchases with the courier company used.


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