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Getting Lost Game, Campground Edition


The perfect way to not hear those dreaded "I'm bored" whilst away on  holiday! The Campground Edition will have you playing spotlight, building forts, making wacky name changes, going on treasure hunts around the campgrounds for various items and a heap of other fun activities around the campground. The game was designed around things that you'd love to see on a camping trip with your kids - showing gratitude, having fun, being active, having a few treats, caring for others, caring for the environment and making friends.  There are a mix of activities to ensure there are some for inside the tent/caravan/camper or cabin if it's not a nice day outside.  As a bonus, it suit as many campgrounds as possible and the activities are uncomplicated to do, most are free and a couple will cost a few dollars. If you want to make your holiday as memorable as possible, on the way to the campground team this game up with the Camper Edition for even more enjoyment and memories!


For extra protection and a novel casing for your Getting Lost game, suitcases are sold seperately.


Getting Lost Game, Campground Edition

  • This card game is NEW and the suitcase that serves as a cool and original way to give you extra protection for your game is also NEW.


    We take as much precaution as possible when shipping our products to you. The Campground Edition in the series of Getting Lost Games will be bubblewrapped before being freighted to you, to ensure best possible transit. As will the suitcase should you wish to purchase it also.


    For extra peace of mind with your purchases during transit, we insure your purchases with the courier company used.

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