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Proceedings of the First International Turtle & Tortoise Symposium, held in Vienna in January 2002 edited by: H Artner, B Farkas & V Loehr.

Geoclemys hamiltonii - first F2-breeding in captivity; Keeping and breeding turtles of the Emydura macquarii complex; Keeping and breeding Pan's box turtle Cuora pani pani and Cuora pani aurocapitata; Captive breeding of Cuora mccordi; Keeping and breeding Chersina angulata; Notes on captive husbandry and breeding of Terrapene coahuila considering behaviour in and data from the natural habitat; Geochelone elegans: is it really a "difficult" tropical tortoise?; Infectious diseases in turtles and tortoises; Breeding the Indochinese box turtle, Cuora galbinifrons galbinifrons; Testudo hermanni boettgeri and Testudo marginata, a sustainable breeding program; Captive propagation of Kinixys homeana; Care and breeding of Geochelone radiata; Propagation of Geochelone nigra at Zoo Zurich, Switzerland; Captive Seychelles-Aldabra giant tortoises: reproduction, growth and dietary distortion; The turtles of Nova Scotia; Captive propagation of Indotestudo elongata; Raising and breeding Geochelone radiata; The metabolic bone disease complex in turtles and tortoises; Keeping and breeding of Kinosternon subrubrum steindachneri; Breeding of Sternotherus carinatus; Softshell turtles on Chinese food markets; Keeping and breeding Geochelone pardalis babcocki; Tunisian tortoises: observations in the wild and remarks on keeping and breeding; Keeping and breeding Cuora flavomarginata Breeding of Chelodina oblonga in western Australia; An ecophysiological approach to captive breeding of the western swamp turtle Pseudemydura umbrina; Concept and design of Erymnochelys madagascariensis breeding facility at Ampijoroa, Madagascar; Observations on Gabonese chelonians; Husbandry and reproduction of Platemys platycephala Keeping and breeding of Phrynops (Mesoclemmys) gibba; Notes on the reproduction in captivity of a second generation of Pseudemys nelsoni On the occurrence of the Emys orbicularis 50 years after first (re)introductions at Moulin-de-Vert (Geneva, Switzerland); Kinixys spekii: identification, natural history and breeding behaviour in captivity; Using scanning electron microscopy to study tortoise and turtle eggshell structure in captivity; Kinixys belliana nogueyi; Carettochelys insculpta: a fascinating turtle from Indoaustralia; Keeping and breeding Chelodina longicollis and Chelodina mccordi; Breeding of Staurotypus salvinii in captivity; Notes on the natural history and captive maintenance of Manouria emys; Husbandry, observation, behaviour, and breeding of Psammobates tentorius trimeni, Psammobates tentorius verroxii, and Psammobates oculiferus Observations on, and keeping of Pelusios bechuanicus; Husbandry, behaviour and captive breeding of the Nama padloper, Homopus sp.; Some observations on pancake tortoises (Malacochersus tornieri) in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania; Graptemys barbouri, Barbour's map turtle; A comparison between different keeping methods of Emys orbicularis orbicularis and Emys orbicularis hellenica; Husbandry and breeding of Indotestudo elongata in a temperate environment; Captive care and breeding of Pyxis arachnoides arachnoides; Captive maintenance and breeding of the Egyptian tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni); Keeping and breeding the Celebes tortoise (Indotestudo forstenii) from Indonesia; Husbandry and breeding of Geochelone sulcata linked to reintroduction plans.

Proceedings of the First International Turtle & Tortoise Symposium, held in Vien

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  • Publication: Proceedings of the First International Turtle & Tortoise Symposium, held in Vienna in January 2002 edited by H Artner, B Farkas & V Loehr.


    Published: Chimaira, January 2002.


    Publication details: Hardcover, 618 pages containing text, colour photographs, black and white photographs, tabs and diagrams.


    Language: English.


    Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 3cm.


    ISBN: 9783930612789

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