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Rattlesnakes of the Grand Canyon by Gordon W Schuett, Charles &  Bob Ashley.


Rattlesnakes of the Grand Canyon is the first release in the ECO Natural History Series. This new line of books will showcase flora and fauna in their natural environments. Rattlesnakes of the Grand Canyon describes the natural history of the eight species of rattlesnakes that inhabit this breath taking area known as the Grand Canyon. This book is completed with newly released color images of rattlesnakes in their natural habitat. The information about them in this book is current and accompanied by an abundance of references. This book is available to both the curious beginner and also extremely useful for the professional biologist. It holds many new insights into these amazing reptiles. This book was authored by research biologists who have studied rattlesnakes extensively. Rattlesnakes of the Grand Canyon is a must have for every naturalist.

Rattlesnakes of the Grand Canyon

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  • Publication: Rattlesnakes of the Grand Canyon by Gordon W Schuett, Charles & Bob Ashley.

    Series: Natural History Series.

    Published: Eco Publishing, January 1, 2018.

    Publication components: Softcover,  131 pages containing text, colour photographs, distribution maps and artwork by Tell Hicks.  23 x 16.5  x 1cm.

    Language: English

    ISBN: 978-1938850585

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