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Snakes of Arizona edited by Andrew T. Holycross and Joseph C. Mitchell.


A passion for snakes drove the creation of this definitive, scholarly reference that celebrates what we know about every species found in Arizona. Written for naturalists, professional biologists, resource managers, teachers and students alike, this essential volume examines all aspects of the biology of Arizona’s snakes, as supported by a complete review of the primary and gray scientific literature plus a trove of previously unpublished data and observations. Peer-reviewed species accounts written by leading authorities comprise the heart of this elegant and beautiful masterpiece. Each account details one snake species and articulates its taxonomy, distribution and abundance, habitat, diet and foraging biology, predators and parasites, behavior, and reproduction. The book is wonderfully represented with over 390 figures and photographs. Introductory chapters expressively describe Arizona’s biotic communities, the need for action to conserve species, and other useful topics. Dot distribution maps for each species, based on recorded records, are gathered in a concluding chapter. This crucial reference comes complete with over 3, 170 unique literature citations, inviting the reader to further explore the alluring world of the serpents that inhabit Arizona.

Snakes of Arizona

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  • Publication: Snakes of Arizona edited by Andrew T. Holycross and Joseph C. Mitchell.

    Published: Eco Publishing, 1st January, 2020.

    Publication components: Hardcover, 860 pages containing text, colour photographs and distribution maps. 28.5 x 22.5 x 6cm.

    Language: English.

    ISBN: 978-1938850608


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