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The More Complete Chondro by Greg Maxwell.


Every chapter of the first edition has been reviewed and updated. This now includes captive breeding projects such as the albino and calico morphs. There is also new natural history data that was obtained from interviews with Karl Switak, David Wilson and Kamuran Tepedelen. All of this well and truly makes the new book, The More Complete Chondro.

The More Complete Chondro

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  • Publication: The More Complete Chondro by Greg Maxwell.

    Series: The Complete Series by Eco Publishing.

    Published: Eco Publishing, December 1st, 2005.

    Publication components: Hardcover with dust jacket, 317 pagaes containing text, full colour photographs and a map.  23.5 x 16 x  2.5 cm.

    Language: English.

    ISBN: 9780976733454

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