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Tree Monitors - The Prasinus Complex by Adeline Robinson Art.


This stunning peice features the members of the Prasinus group.

This beautiful poster includes:

  • The Yellow Tree Monitor, Varanus reisingeri
  • The Green Tree Monitor, Varanus kordensis
  • The Blue Tree Monitor, Varanus macraei
  • Emerald Tree Monitor, Varanus prasinus
  • Black Tree Monitor, Varanus beccarii


The Tree Monitor poster measures 11 x 17" and comes in a protective plastic film. 



Tree Monitor Poster

  • Please note this is a PRINT - not the original artwork.

  • Adeline Robinson is a wildlfe artist and graphic designer with a focus on reptile, fish and equine art. She draws and paints reptiles of all different species and offers logos, portraits, fine art and graphic design work. She has worked in the exotic animal industry since 2007 and uses her experience with animals to make her drawings realistic and anatomically correct. 

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